Beer Weeks at Flying Fish

Beer Weeks at Flying Fish

What is better than a cold, freshly poured brew? Having some fresh seafood from Seattle’s very own Puget Sound to accompany it. Whether you prefer Indian Pale Ales, Pilsners, or Stouts with your dinner, we have great news for you! We combine the best of both worlds.

Each month, Flying Fish hosts Beer Week. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? During this weeklong event, Flying Fish invites a locally based brewery to serve their featured beers and the brew master pours beer on one of those days. Whether you prefer to stick to your favorite type of beer or you’re in the mood to experiment, we serve two options. For those looking to enjoy a few of their favorites, The Fish serves $3 beers. For those looking to explore the options and discover new hops, we offer $4 flights that combine several beers from the feature brewery.


Featured: Hilliard’s Beer From Left: Saison, Amber Ale,
ESB (extra special Belgian), Regimental Scottish Blonde

Most recently featured were Hilliard’s Brewery, Pike Place Brewery, Scuttlebutt and Big Al Brewing. Hilliard’s is a spanking new brewery in Seattle that has already caught many beer enthusiasts’ attention. Their sleek cans and 6 different beers make it a soon-to-be popular brew in the Pacific Northwest.

Pike Place Brewery, taking the name of Seattle’s iconic Market, has been around for more than 20 years and brews over a dozen distinct beers. Scuttlebutt Brewing started a brewery so they would “never run out of beer” and now they have received a 94 rating for their Amber Ale in DRAFT Magazine. As for our most recent Beer Week feature, Big Al Brewing started with a love for homebrewing and grew into the master of seasonal brews, while continuing to act as advocates for homebrewing and encouraging fans to try it. Being so well established in Seattle, these past breweries have made for very successful and popular Beer Weeks.


hilliardslogo2-300x102.png  pikeplacelogo1-300x300.gif  scuttlebuttlogo1-150x150.jpg  bigallogo1.gif

Combining some of the best breweries nestled in Western Washington with delectable cuisine makes Beer Week a must. Stay tuned for announcements of our featured breweries to come in the following months. Keep updated via our and , and then mark your calendar for the next beer week. We hope to see you there!