Summer Salmon Season!

Summer Salmon Season!

Salmon Season is in full swing, just the way we like it. Fresh seafood is our game, so our ears perk up and eyes widen at the mention of the finest fish of the year: Copper River Salmon.


Chef Keff in Alaska, holding one of the first King Salmon of the season.

Reeling it in. Our very own Chef Christine Keff helped reel in the Copper River Salmon Season in Alaska during May. She caught one of the first Copper River King Salmon at the season opener, along with fellow restaurant owners, salmon enthusiasts, and Cordova fishermen. When the event came to an end, Cheff Keff flew back on a private Alaska Air Charter loaded with the fresh salmon, and started cooking it up for guests at Flying Fish. Boy was it popular. We wait year round in the Pacific Northwest to dine on the tastiest salmon, which is why that load of salmon didn’t last forever.



Copper River Sockeye (left) vs. Copper River King (right)

What’s the big deal? Well if you haven’t tasted it, you’re missing out. If you have tasted it, you understand why food lovers are making such a fuss. The Copper River provides a challenging swim for its salmon, which results in a stronger, leaner fish with a deeper shade of pink. The flavor is rich and nutty, proving to be one of the tastiest in the world. This salmon is loaded with natural oils, including Omega-3 fatty acids that are very heart healthy. Its exclusivity for a short time throughout the year makes it that much more desirable.

Keep an eye out for Salmon cooking classes with Chef Keff on our and Flying Fish recipes on our for the chance to master the art of salmon at home.