Words From The Chef

Words From The Chef

Today’s interview-style blog is inspired by the Owner and Head Chef of our restaurant: Christine Keff. She is in the midst of planning some Flying Fish cooking classes for those of you looking to learn some more tricks of the trade. Sure, you can Google about Chef Keff, she has shared, or watch her cooking videos on . But we thought it would be fun to a share some of her insight with a quick question & answer segment, followed by any questions that you readers may have. Enjoy!

Want to ask Chris a question of your own? Leave a comment below, on our page, or send us a to hear her answer!


Q: What was your biggest achievement as Head Chef and Owner of Flying Fish in 2012?

I feel that we really brought Flying Fish to a high level of performance and assembled the best crew in the history of the restaurant!

Q: What is the greatest lesson you learned in the past year?
How to survive in a recession that never ends.

Q: Did you always plan on being a chef?
I actually didn’t plan on being a chef. I Intended to remain in academia, but grew to love cooking and ended up steering in that direction.

Q: What is the best advice given to you as you pursued your career?
“Before you panic, ask yourself: Will it matter in 5 years?”

Q: What are some real-world pointers you have for aspiring chefs?
Try not to accumulate too much school debt. Community colleges will give you mostly the same information, but you won’t have the crushing loan payments you would if you had chosen a more expensive school. Personally, I don’t hire based on where you went to school, but how hard you’re willing to work.

Q: Tell us about your most recent teaching stint outside of Flying Fish?
I’ve been substituting at Seattle Culinary Academy (SCCC) lately and have really enjoyed it. The students treat me like I know what I’m doing! Now if I could only get my staff to agree………………….just kidding ☺

Q: What kind of classes are you looking forward to hosting at Flying Fish in the near future?
We are creating our cooking class schedule as we speak. Some of the themes will be “Seafood 101″, ‘Everything Salmon” and “Panic-free Fish: everything you always wanted to know about choosing, cooking, and buying fish.” Hope to see you there.

Q: What would you say are the rewards of teaching?
It’s wonderful to see the excitement when someone learns something new. I think we all love to learn.

Q: And last but not least, what is your biggest goal for Flying Fish in 2013?
Make money!